KGG regrets that it has not responded sooner to the announcement by the Minister of Arts & Culture that he has rejected objections to the name change and that the name of Grahamstown is now Makhanda.

The reason for the delay is that the announcement came at an inopportune time when Jock McConnachie was out of the country.

The announcement was not unexpected and a statement was issued to the press before Jock’s departure anticipating that it may be made in his absence.  Unfortunately, the media, including the Grocott’s Mail, which seems to support the name change, did not fairly represent the statement.

The KGG is also happy to announce that other local organisations and individuals have come aboard with the KGG and it seems very likely that the matter will be taken to court.  If that happens, the KGG is confident that the name change will be overturned.

A meeting with attorneys is due to take place at the end of this week and a formal announcement will be made very soon.

Until further notice, everyone is urged to continue to referring to Grahamstown as Grahamstown. It is premature to adopt the name Makhanda for Grahamstown before a court has prounounced on the matter.

Grahamstown is still Grahamstown and the KGG intends to keep it that way.