26 November 2007

TO : The Chairperson, Prof J Wells, Naming Task Team, Makana Municipality, GRAHAMSTOWN

Dear Councillor/Prof Wells


Herewith three files comprising the KGG Campaign’s submission to the Naming Task Team.

The Campaign has aimed to reach as many and as broad a section of the community as possible since its official launch on 20 October 2007 and we believe we that we have succeeded in doing so. (For general information on the Campaign please visit ).

The respective files comprise as follows:-


  1. Letter to the Mayor explaining the background to the Campaign and that its aim is to make a positive contribution to the process launched by him.
  2. An explanation of the methodology of the sample survey (“snap poll”) conducted on 22.9.07 and a statiscal analysis of the results together with the actual returns of the sample survey for verification purposes.
  3. An overall statistical breakdown on the numbers of people who have registered their support for keeping the name Grahamstown by means of:- signatures 3 693; emails 568; smses 70 TOTAL : 4 331.
  4. A statistical breakdown of signatures in the following categories:- W = residents of “Grahamstown West” 1 446; E = residents of “Grahamstown East” 1 454; S = students (Rhodes University or schools) 140; R = rural residents within Makana 49; O = those resident outside Grahamstown/Makana 604 TOTAL : 3 693
  5. A statistical breakdown of positive emails in the following categories:- G/M = those resident in Grahamstown/Makana 258; EC = those resident elsewhere in the Eastern Cape 78; SA = those resident elsewhere in South Africa 98; OS = those resident overseas 84; UN = those whose residence is unspecified 50 TOTAL : 568
  6. A statistical breakdown of SMS responses to the question “Should we keep the name Grahamstown? Yes/No” in the following categories:- Y = “Yes” 70; N = “No” 1; C = Comment only 1 TOTAL : 72 together with the forms on which the relevant information was captured.
  7. A selection of edited comments from e-mail responses as per K below.
  8. A copy of an article “Spots on the Rainbow Nation” by Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu (Mail & Guardian 9-15 November 2007).


  1. An analysis of each signature form in the categories as above also indicating the date on which such form was completed or handed in and denoting by a unique Sheet No. the place at which (eg Ch Sq) or person by whom (eg SN) the signatures were collected.
  2. Copies of actual signature forms [269 pages] the originals of which are held in trust by Messrs Nettelton’s attorneys as per confirmation provided.


  1. Copies of positive email responses in the relevant categories G/M; EC; SA; OS; UN.
  2. Copies of negative email responses ie those not in favour of keeping the name.
  3. Copies of email responses containing comment only.

With reference to the quotation by Archibishop Desmond Tutu as per H above, attention is drawn to the highlighted paragraph reading “Our social fabric is unravelling and what do we do? We engage in the monumental red herring of a divisive name-changing exercise…How many of the hungry and unemployed would put that hugely divisive exercise as their priority concern?” as it reflects a view expressed consistently by those consulted during the course of the Campaign to date as is also reflected in the selection of email responses as per G above.

Name-changing exercises do indeed also have the potential to become extremely divisive, as was the concern expressed in our letter to the Mayor in A above.

The KGG believes it has projected a very positive message with its slogan “MAKANA + GRAHAMSTOWN = RECONCILIATION” and that opinion in Grahamstown/Makana and elsewhere, as reflected in the results presented herein, is in fact unified behind this positive sentiment.

The potential for the process to become dangerously divisive is however still a very real one if opinions are inflamed around the issue.

We trust that this submission will be accepted in the constructive spirit that it is intended and that serious cogniscance will be taken thereof.

Finally, we recommend that, based on the convincing evidence presented (both by means of the results of the “sample survey” and the registered support for keeping the name Grahamstown), the Naming Task Team should advise Council that no constructive purpose will be served by pursuing the process any further.

Yours in the spirit of a united community



“Makana + Grahamstown = Reconciliation/Rekonsiliasie/Luxolelwaniso”